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At Intelligent Property Sourcing, we have launched this new venture to help skilled Property Sourcers find build confidence and credibility with serious property investors.
We do this with our cutting-edge monitoring systems integrated with our Biometric verification platform
Once you become a member, you can enjoy many benefits and excel at what you do the best—property sourcing. You will instantly start gaining from the prestige of being a member of, along with the collective discounts negotiated on your behalf.
Included  in your membership are a full set of AML Policies 

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Intelligent Property Sourcing is rapidly-growing. Thus, as a member you will have access to our expanding resources and network which will ensure increased visibility and exposure. Our Vision is to provide the tools to ensure you are compliant and can present a professional, high-quality approach to Investors.

As a member of Intelligent Professional Sourcing, you will have access to all our resource and templates to help you become compliant. We’ll also provide you with regular updates on developments and changes with regards  legislation and regulation in the industry. Access to update information on this ever changing landscape will help ensure you are always complaint,  are one-step ahead and have up to date knowledge helping you avoid dangerous pitfalls.

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With us, you will also stay abreast of the latest industry information and viewpoints from sourcing and investing perspectives. As a member, you can keep up to date on what’s happening and the latest in the industry. This knowledge will help you strategize better, compete successfully, and deliver the best in service to your customers.

When you use our logo, your services will look more professional, reliable, and trustworthy.

Our goal is to create a network where property sourcers find great business opportunities and serve potential property owners in the best way possible.

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