In order to get verified, there are just four more steps.

1 Please make a payment 
    2 Continue to the verification questionnaire and send it back to us as soon as you can 
   3 Verify your identity 
  4 Agree to our code of conduct.

  • Verified by IPS as a compliant Sourcer with current regulation and legislation


  • Increased confidence and trust from Investors meaning more deals


  • Reduced risk of criminal exploitation and fines/custodial sentences


  • IPS Verified Logo to show you are professional


Once a Year
£ 29
99 +Vat
Limited time only
  • One time registration fee included

  • Full set of procedures and process’s that you can tailor to your business and to ensure compliance and show HMRC, should they pay you a visit


  • Ongoing updates on all regulatory and legalisation changes to keep you up-to-date and compliant


  • Member discounts from our handpicked preferred suppliers for services related to the property industry

Code of Conduct

Our member code of ethics and business conduct outlines our expectations regarding the behaviour of our members towards other members, customers, stakeholders, and society.

Our Institute stands for the core values of synergy, honesty, and integrity. As such, we expect all organisation members to be directed by the same values in their judgment and behaviour.

Open communication and expression should be guided by the desire for a respectful, safe, and collaborative working environment.


This policy applies to all organisational members regardless of rank or Institute affiliation.

Compliance with law

Members must work to protect the Institute and its legal interests by complying with all

environmental, trading, safety, and privacy laws.

Fostering respectful and collaborative professional engagement

All members should respect their peers. Any discriminatory behaviour or harassment will not be tolerated.


Members must show professionalism in every aspect of conduct, including matters involving property compliance and government laws.


All members should fulfil their work with integrity and respect towards stakeholders, customers and investors.

Membership Agreement

Members who fail to meet payment within (1) one calendar month will have their account and accreditation temporality deactivated until such time that payment is reinstated.

Members who repeatedly or deliberately fail to follow our code of conduct will meet an appropriate disciplinary action. Following a clear warning, members who persistently show indecorous behaviour may face demotion, reprimand, detraction of benefits, suspension, or termination.

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