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Intelligent Property Sourcing

With as many as 90% of Sourcers in the UK non-compliant with current legislation and vulnerable to exploitation, fines, and even imprisonment. Our Vision is to help Sourcers become compliant and avoid these risks.

With free entry as a Registered Member, you have the option to progress to a Verified Member to show you are compliant with current legislation and give your Investors confidence and expand your network. Our aim is to help you become compliant.

IPS – The Property Sourcing Verification Service

We are strongly committed to providing you, as a property sourcing agent, with the tools and resources to ensure you are compliant and develop the credentials to build trust with serious Investors as a person they should do business with. We are committed to creating an environment and community that drives compliance, standards, and quality within the UK Sourcing Industry. Our mission is to change the poor perception of property sourcing as a profession and build trust and reputation with property investors and within the property investment community.

Helping you build solid  foundations  with Property Investors

At Intelligent Property Sourcing, we believe that success is only possible if both sides trust each other and enter into dealings with sheer transparency and integrity.  Therefore, we work in synergy and as one unit, transforming into a unified force that strives relentlessly for win-win relationships. For us, your success is our success because what matters to you is what matters to us. 

We give you the tools to take  you from good to great

Intelligent Professional Sourcing, we continue to add value in every way possible. Our aim is to help you become a compliant property sourcing agent and create a community that drives standards and professionalism.  This helps us add value to your professional profile and make you the preferred choice of property investment companies when choosing partners to source investments for them. By working with us and using the tools and information we provide, you can give confidence to your Investors that you work to the highest of standards and will help them find the best opportunities in a legal, ethical and compliant way.

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